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PC Progress 2.22.13

This was another week of ups and downs.  I guess that is just my pattern.  I lost 1.8 pounds this week, bringing my total loss to 7 pounds exactly.  I am so glad to have those 7 pounds gone; but, of course, I wish it were more!

Have a great weekend everyone!


PC Progress Week 4

Well, LR certainly spoke for me too.  I did lose 0.3 pounds, for a total of 5.2 pounds down.  Drinking water seems to work well for me, so I need to be consistent with that.


Gotta keep on trucking!  Hopefully week 5 will be better for us all!

PC Progress, 2/8/13

First, I am sorry that you all have had problems posting this week.  I am not sure what the problem is, but I am researching it.  Congratulations to LR and KM on their losses this week!  We are moving along.

My progress, like yours, has been a constant yo yo.  However, I happened to be at the low point of the yo yo today.  I am excited to say that I have lost 2 pounds this week, making my total 4.9 pounds!  Maybe next week I can hit the magic 5 pound mark.

Keep up the good work everyone!



PC Progress 2.1.13 Dreaded Week 2 Curse!

I think we are experiencing what the Biggest Loser calls the Week 2 Curse.  I lost a whopping 0.2 pounds this week – at least I didn’t gain it.  My total is now 2.9 pounds.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



PC Progress 1/25/13

I had to get a new scale so my starting point is a little questionable, making my progress questionable.  According to my app, I have lost 2.7 pounds!  Take that, you old website that said at my age, weight and height I could expect to lose 0.17 pounds a week and meet my goal in September, 2014!

PC Progress 1/24/13

Because I have been under the weather the last few days, I have not exercised. I have been sticking to my diet though and have seen some results!