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Hmmph – Week 4 2/15/2013

That about sums up week 4!  I’m guessing I’m not alone in feeling this way as I’m the first to post (and a day late, too!).

Another great start to the week and another disappointing finish.

Nothing gained, nothing lost.



LR Progress 2.1.2013

Well, after a week of yo-yoing, I came out a little down from last week…

1.2 down from last Friday, so total lost 3.9.

That’a a little frustrating, but not enough so to give up.

Hope everyone’s scale is nicer to them than mine!

Happy Friday!

LR Progress 1.25.2013

Better late than never!

I also had scale issues and purchased a new one, so am not completely confident in my numbers, but…

I lost 2.7 pounds, too!  So weird!!!