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KM Progress 2/22/2012

First – I am having trouble figuring out an easy way to post.  Seems like a lot of steps.  Help?

So, after not being very good for the two weeks before this one, I got back on track this week and am now down 4.7 lbs., but have a very motivated mind sight.

Who would have thought it would be this hard or take this long.  Guess that’s why we are having to do it in the first place!

Hope everyone enjoys rodeo season without undoing all the good we have accomplished thus far.  NO FRIED TWINKIES!!!


Confessions of Week 3

Friday has become my splurge day.  Went to Pappasito’s for lunch today.  Cheese enchilada, guacamole AND a fajita taco.  BEST MEAL EVER!  LOL

But I am down for a total of 4.8 lbs.  I WILL cross the 5 lb threshold by next weigh-in!!  If I can lose 5 lbs. every month, I will be OVER THE TOP pleased.

Polly – thank you for posting the new recipes.  I hope to post some this weekend as well.

Great job, ladies!!!

Week 2

I have now lost 3.3 lbs.

I am going on a 10 day bathing suit vacation in the BVI in June – I CANNOT GIVE UP!!!

KM Progress

I lost 2.7 lbs this week!